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At very young age; around 8 years old; around 1960; I was allowed to walk by my own to school, westwards. It was spring; birds were singing; butterflies and insects everywere; frogs and fishes flapping in the water; and the verge overgrown with flowers and grass. So; with one hand caressing the vegetation; I came near a point at the road, were a farmhouse, a fisherhome and a villa stood together; the complete nature and the complete society came at one point in a overwhelming glory. Then a thought entered my brain:


So, the overwhelming glory of the Creation in conflict with the the questions of our Existense.

Torn apart, for some moments, head and spirit were led to look over the shoulder; to the southeast; and the Creator gave great comfort to go on.



So, on my way to school, in 1960, 1961, 1962 and 1963; age 8-12; I already came in contact with a Angel and saw my first Vision. Again in 1969, 1970 an 1971; age 16-19; contact with the Angel and a second Vision. At last in 1972 (2-times),1975 and 1976, age 20-24; again Angel-contact and the third Vision. All as a kid, as a adolescent; and as a young adult.

And from those 8 encounters, only in the sixth one (1972) the Angel spoke to me; only 5 words; were transmitted in the Spirit:


So in my youth, I recieved a overdose of spiritual information;  without knowing what was really going on; putting away this information in the long-term-memory; and was brought back in 1975; when the Angel visited me at my work. From that moment on, the vocation became serious.

In 1975, when the Angel visited me at work; in a split moment all the previous Encounters and Visions came back in the memory; starting a search for answers.

It took 30 years to complete the search for answers; and the Visions and the 5 words of the Angel mean; that the 5 Western-Continents: Europe-Nrth//Sth America-Africa-Australia; will return to the State of The Inaccessible-Wilderness; for the Genocide-Mortal-Sin of Abortion. The point of No-Return is in week 33-2017, at Fatima; Portugal. The only way out is to make the Sahel-Green; and stop Abortion etc.; Back to the Christian-Moral.


So, as a young child I was overwhelmed by the greatness of nature and mankind; now,  50 years later, afther studied the 8 Angel-Encounters and 3 Visions; I am overwhelmed by the knowledge that The-Western-World-Culture-Church-Habitat, will be soon a Lost-World; a New-Angor-Vat; with only the comfort in knowing that Christianity will continue in South-East-Asia.