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 RC-NL-NIHIL 14-4-'14.  Less than 144.000 Church-Visitors

 ISON; the comet of the century; would after the perihelion in nov-dec; at Christmas-day; on 26 dec; situated at the most close position to earth; and would brithly shine as a modern Star of Bethlehem....

However; SION did not survive the perihelion; it was fading like a christmas-candle....

However; the orbit of the comet SION is like a line in a chart; a negative diagram to be exact.; and it tells us symbolic: Christmas is fading for this generation......


 Here a other chart; also a negative diagram, with the same orbit as ISON; and whit the same result: somthing is fading...

And that something is the Roman-Catholic-Church in Holland. In the sixties some 4-million people visit the sunday-church; but this visit was rapidly shrinking because of the secularization. The diagram is showing that in the thirties the number will be zero; and that RC is fading for this generation.....

 There is a number in Revelation: 14 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads.

So take this symbolic 144.000; as the minimum-population to survive as a church.

Symbolic this number will be reached in 2014; on day 104; in month 4; time 14:44; on 14-4-'14; <144.000 church-visitors: RC-NL-NIHIL

And 14-4-'14 is on monday after Palm-Sunday; also is it the day the Titanic perish; and its also the evening of Passover Seder. Symbolic on that day shall RC-NL will sink forever....

in the name of the comet ISON is the word (mounth)  SION; were the 144.000 are assembled; and is the connection between both daigrams.....

But no the climax: 14-4-'14 is in the Holy-Week; wich run from 13//21 -04-2014; and The-last-Week of the Western-World runs exact 40 month later. and also from 13//21 -08-2017.

Nineve vs. NAVO; 40 days vs. 40 months.......